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The Junior Common Room Committee 


In our hall, we have a very strong community called the JCR (Junior Common Room) the main decision. making student body that works along with the Res-life team. Our goal is to make sure that you guys are having a wonderful year, jam packed with various activities and memories. During the weekly meetings we will discuss the items on the agenda that includes: potential problems that students encounter, possible events that could be organized or any other items to do with the social life of the hall. At the end of every year, new leading JCR representatives are elected, including the President, Treasurer, General Secretary, Social Secretary and Sports Secretary/ies. Below is a profile for the committee members of 2018/19:

Robert Boddy 

Hello, I’m Rob and I’m the St Anselm Hall JCR President for 2018/19. I’m a third year English Literature Student from the grassy plains of North Lincolnshire. My job as President is to make this year the best year possible for all students living in Slems and I'm dedicated to making that a reality. My responsibilities as President are making the announcements, chairing JCR meetings (where we make decisions about the hall) and meeting with the Student's Union to talk about how they can help us make the hall an even better place to live. So you probably (don't) want to know a little about the guy who'll be making announcements at dinner (tea) and chairing JCR meetings. Obviously as an English student I like reading (though that's not as common as you'd think) so if you need a book recommendation feel free to ask. I have been known to make the occasional appearance at the bar (which you can read about later in this pack) but I also like going to the cinema and have an interest in Analog photography. I'm always up for a chat so don't be afraid to come talk or ask any questions you may have, my main priority is creating a great community for you during your time at Slems so if you have any suggestion or comment on how to improve the hall I'd love to hear it. I look forward to meeting all of you and having a great time in the great city of Manchester!

Ellis Lusted

Hello, my name is Ellis Lusted and I am your Treasurer this year. I am entering my second year at university where I am studying music. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Hall so far and am looking forward to what this coming academic year will bring. I love the strong sense of community that we have at the Hall and believe that it is one of the best things about being here. You can always find someone to talk to or sit with and there’s generally never a dull moment.


In my spare time I like to listen to music and read books. I am always happy to give and receive book recommendations. I am also on the University fencing team and enjoy traveling to other Universities to participate in competitions. 


If you need any help, have any questions about life in the Hall or just want to talk, I will always be happy to help you. You’ll most likely find me in the open JCR, eating custard creams and drinking tea with my friends. Also, if you enjoy solving riddles and procrastinating in novel ways, ask me about ‘The Travelling Spoon’.


Sport Secretary 
Keerthi Shivaraam

Hello, My name is Keerthi and I am a third year Chemistry student from India. I have lived in the St Anselm Hall for two years and this will be my third year here. I have been mostly associated with the hall's gym and squash court in the past. I play various sports like cricket, football, tennis, table tennis, squash etc. I love most sports and don't really have a favorite one. My hobbies include playing FIFA, practicing the piano, watching anime (quite a lot!) and optimizing The Mix (see below) at the slems' dining hall. I spend most of my time in the hall at the hall's gym or the squash court and am always up for a game of squash. I am friendly and easily approachable, so if you have any queries regarding anything then feel free to contact me and it would be my pleasure to show your around the hall/city and get you comfortable in your new home.I am looking forward to getting to know you all and making your stay here fun and engaging.



The Mix is a homogeneous mixture of mayonnaise and ketchup in the ratio of 3:2 (Mayonnaise: Ketchup). A lot of work has been done recently to improve the ratio and special thanks to hall's catering staff for providing us (yes there is a dedicated team) with the resources.


General Secretary
Kyle Fogarty

I'm Kyle your General Secretary for the upcoming year. Like Rob, I’m also from North Lincolnshire and I am a second year student studying a joint degree in maths and physics.


My primary role within the JCR this year it to keep everyone informed of what is going on with relation to the JCR. I will work with Rob to develop an agenda before each meeting, take minutes within the meetings and then share this information with you, the residents, about what is going on.


Moving to university can be hard but St Anselm Hall is a very exciting place to live, you made a good choice! This year is going to be action packed, all you have to do is get involved.


If you see me around come and say ’Hi’.


Social Secretary 
Dan Jones

I'm Dan Jones and I'm the Social Secretary which means l organise all the parties. I also consider it part of my duty to preserve the great culture of St. Anselm's and stoically uphold the vast majority of the traditions -I hope l entice all of you to do the same.


You’ll find that the social life at Slems is one of the strongest in the university, so my #1 tip for anyone coming here this year is to get your face known, talk to people and get involved in the events – if you sit out, you won’t enjoy yourself so don’t let it happen to you.


The door's always open (metaphorically that is do not come into my room without asking me) so if you need help with anything or you just had a fantastic idea that you're dying to share with the world, don't be a stranger.


The best places to find me are in my room – D9 (Schuster Block), in the bar or the Open JCR.


Sport Secretary 
Alice Codling

Hello, I’m Alice, I am a first year biology student from Norfolk. Last year I was a resident of Slems whilst I completed my foundation year. This gave me the opportunity to get fully involved with all of the activities available in Manchester, specifically in Slems. My favourite sports are cycling, rowing, hiking and wild swimming, however I have experience with most sports so I will always be able to offer support. I spend a lot of time in the gym so you may see me in there on my bike, feel free to say ‘hi’. Over the coming year I intend on starting a circuit training group, that will meet weekly, hopefully giving freshers and returning students a friendly atmosphere to improve physically and mentally.


St Anselm Hall JCR 2020/ 2021


St Anselm Hall,

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