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The Committee

The committee is a team of students who are the main decision making student body that works along with the Res-life team. Our goal is to make sure that residents have a wonderful year, jam packed with various activities. During the weekly meetings the committee discuss the items on the agenda, these often include: potential problems that students encounter, possible events that could be organized or any other items to do with the social life of the hall.

Below is a breakdown of what each of the roles are and the responsibilities the person who fills the role has:


The President chairs meetings of the committee, making sure that the meetings cover all the business in the time available, that all members have a say and that clear decisions are made. They oversee and coordinate the work of the committee, ensuring that members of the committee deliver on their responsibilities.  The President will also support the Treasurer in terms of budgeting and expenditures. The President will also ensure everyone is involved in hall life, particularly underrepresented groups.

The hall President represents the hall at Student Forum, the Senior Students’ Council and other external bodies as a spokesperson for all members. 


The committee gets a budget of money each year to spend on events and socials. This budget is overseen and managed by the treasurer who has the responsibility of maintaining transparent records of income and spending. The treasurer will organising the spending of money based on how the committee as a whole have decided to spend it.

Much of the money goes towards organising hall events such as the Easter ball or on socials such as Christmas celebrations


The Hall Sacristan usually is appointed to by the hall Chaplain rather than by election.

The Sacristans role is to represent the Chapel and help organise and run events that involve the use of the Chapel.

The sacristan will be expected to attend and support the weekly Chapel service as well as other events that occur in chapel, including the remembrance service and the Christmas carol service.

Equality Representative 

The role of the Equality Rep is to listen to concerns and ideas that students in the hall might have regarding equality.

The Equality Rep is also expected to do one event a semester relating to equality, for example a consent workshop, or raising money for equality charities, like Stonewall.

The Equality Rep is also expected to collaborate with the Women's Rep in the Student's Union on issues and ideas.

Food Representative

The Food Rep has the responsibility of ensuring that food served by the hall meets the needs and wants of the JCR. 

They must communicate regularly with the JCR and the kitchen staff, feeding back ideas, suggestions and proposed changes. This is a very diplomatic role.

The Food Rep also takes on jobs such as making food menus available and organising special dinners like the annual Harry Potter dinner.

Debate Representative

The Debate Rep organises and  plans regular formal debates in hall. They run these debates, ensuring they are kept fair and formal.

The Debate Rep also aids other members of the committee in terms of event organisation and planning.


The Secretary will produce an agenda for all committee meetings in consultation with the president and also record attendance at these meetings.

The chairs main role is to take minutes at meetings taking particular note of decisions and action points along with details of who is responsible for carrying them out.  Minutes from the meetings will then be published for the student body of the hall to see.

The secretary will also help organise and run events that are planned by the committee members.

Social Secretary

The social secretary plans and organises events for the hall to take part in. These can include parties, trips out, board game nights and bake offs.

The social secretary will work with the treasurer to ensure the activities are budgeted for. Other committee members such as the sports secretary or sacristan will help the social secrerary where necessary. The social secretary also has the responsibility of advertising these events and ensuring hall members are engaged in them.

Sports Representative

The sports rep has the responsibility of organising sporting activities in hall and forming sports teams such as a football and rugby team. The sports rep position can be held by two people simultaneously. The sport rep will also look after the gym and sporting equipment whilst overseeing decisions to purchase more equipment.

The sports rep will also ensure members of the hall are actively engaged in sports and that they are accessible to all.

Social Responsibility Representative 

The role of the social responsibility rep is to plan and organise fundraising events for charity.

They will advertise and plan these events and ensure the charity/ charities supported have been agreed on by the committee members.

Library Representative

The Library Rep has the responsibility of looking after the library and the books within it, keeping it tidy and organised. The rep communicates with students to ensure books that they may want are in the library. 

The Library Rep also must run the Book Club, where members read a book a month. Previous Library Reps have set up trips to writer's homes or food nights relating to the books the group has read.

Other Roles

There are many other ways to get involved in hall, including working on the bar, being part of the socials team, or playing music in chapel. Also see scholarships that are offered by the Alumni Association.

Minutes from JCR Committee Meetings 2021/22

Minutes from 19/10/21

Minutes from 12/10/21

Minutes from /21

Minutes from 25/10/21

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