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Alumni Association Scholarships

St Anselm Hall provides a number of scholarships that empower students to take responsibility and assist with the leadership of the Hall. The scholarships also recognise the value of exceptional contributions to Hall life and student experience.

The scholarships are funded generously by individuals or collectively by the Alumni Association membership.

Scholarships are awarded based on a short personal statement, by a panel of 3 appropriate Association members. The Association will liaise with the winning candidate at agreed time-points over the course of the year and will provide support to help them achieve their goals.


This award is usually presented in the summer term for the coming academic year but given that there was no appropriate returning candidate the scholarships are now open to the current hall membership.


Scholarships Applications - 2021/22


Sports Scholarship


Director of Music Scholarship Application

History Scholarship Application

Prayer Book Society Choral Scholarship Application


The Preston Scholarship

Named after the hall's eighth Warden, Ronald Preston, the Preston Scholarship awards a minimum of £500 each year to one or more students who have made a significant contribution to hall life. Every recipient has their name recorded on an honours board in the Dining Hall. This scholarship, which has been running since 2005, is awarded through a competitive application process. All submissions are reviewed by an independent sub-committee of St Anselm Hall alumni.

The Sports Scholarship

The Sports Scholarship, worth £500, is awarded to a student who undertakes to maintain and evolve the sporting activities of the Hall. The Sports Scholarship is separate to the role of JCR Committee Sports Secretary. It is not an award for individual sporting success but for demonstrating enthusiasm to build a sporting community within the hall. This is in recognition of the importance of sport (especially team sports) in building positive community relationships and improving physical and mental health. The candidate to receive the award will be chosen on the basis of a short personal statement (max 1000 words.)

The Scholarship for Music

The Scholarship for Music, worth £400, is awarded to a student who will lead the Hall’s musical life, especially in relation to musical activities in the Hall Chapel. The Godley Music Scholarship is awarded at the beginning of the academic year and aims to empower and sustain the recipient to musically accompany Chapel Services, and other Hall occasions where music is required. The successful student is selected by the scholarship’s benefactor, David Godley, in concert with the Hall Chaplain and Warden.

Prayer Book Society Choral Scholarship

There will be two Prayer Book Society Choral Scholarships tenable at St Anselm Hall in the University of Manchester. The scholarships will have a value of £200 per year. Eligibility for the Scholarships will be restricted to currently registered students of the University of Manchester.  Preference may be given to students resident in St Anselm Hall. Each Scholar shall be required to devote two hours per week to attendance at rehearsals and services, and to contribute to the life of the Hall chapel. The Scholarships shall be awarded by a panel chaired by the Chaplain to the Hall.

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