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Welcome to St Anselm Hall

Welcome to the website of St Anselm Hall, in the University of Manchester.

St Anselm Hall (also known as Slems) has an inclusive and cohesive community that forms a dynamic hall of residence. It blends tradition and innovation to create a unique and supported student living experience, whilst offering many opportunities to students. Through regular communal dinners, societies, sports and social events and with extensive pastoral support, the Hall engenders a family atmosphere and friendships made here often last a lifetime.

St Anselm Hall has a very active hall committee that organises and runs the Hall's sport teams, societies and social events. The St Anselm Hall Alumni Association also closely support the hall and provide an array of scholarships and career guidance.  The hard work and commitment of the committee was recognised by the Student's Union and  awarded the 'Committee of the Year' award in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2022.

Facilities include a library, active chapel, music room and squash court. St Anselm Hall also has its own bar, the Cellar Club, which is student run and regularly puts on social events.

Slems has a unique history central to its identity today, showcased through its historical archives website. By living here as an Anselmian, you become part of an uninterrupted 115 year old history of collegiate living and friendship.

To find out more about hall life see here. If you would like to know more about the unique history of St Anselm Hall, see here or visit the Hall's Historical Archive Website.​​

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