The Chapel


The service of Evening Prayer is currently held on a Tuesday Evening along with the celebration of Holy Communion at various points during the academic year. Chapel is the focus for our collective Remembrance Service in November, Nine lessons and carols and other key events during the year including the Slems Association Summer Reunion.

Chapel has always been part of Slems life since it was founded in 1907. The “new” chapel was consecrated in 1961 and is a Church of England chapel under the jurisdiction of the Lord Bishop of Manchester. That said, the Chapel is a particular quiet space for the entire Slems community including undergraduates, members of Reslife  housekeeping and support staff.


In the last few years, we have held all night vigils in chapel to draw attention and support for various social issues. Everyone is welcome to chapel and our Chaplain Fr Hugh is always happy to make himself available to one and all for any matter. Prayer Book Society Choral scholarships are available and applications can be made by contacting the chaplain. The chapel is licensed to conduct weddings (one is scheduled in for this year) and baptisms have taken place recently. In a unique way the chapel is the loci of the ongoing identify and memory of St Anselm Hall and contains significant artefacts relating to its history. 




The Chapel is situated outside behind the main building and can be opened using your room key for personal prayer/reflection and also for piano/music practice. It is open to those of all faiths and those of non.


The Chapel is run by the Hall Chaplain who is currently Rev'd Hugh Bearn and a student who is selected each year who takes on the role of the Sacristan.

Services are announced by bell ringing and are often followed up by port or sherry in the SCR (senior common room).


Tuesday: Evening prayer - 17:30

Sunday: Compline (night prayer ) - 20:00


Hugh 3.JPG

Rev'd Hugh Bearn