The Cellar Club

 As well as being the cheapest bar in Manchester, the Cellar Club is also your exclusive bar! Here you can have a drink or enjoy one of the socials we put on throughout the year. The bar team itself is made up of volunteer students like you who live in halls so there will always be a friendly face when you come down.




Socials that have happened down at the bar include Live Mic/Karaoke nights, Comedy nights and pub crawls. In addition, we’ve had 1-time socials such as Halloween/Christmas socials and even a Blind Date.

The bar also hosts many other types of events such as debates, guest speakers and art nights ensuring there is something for everyone to enjoy !


In essence, the bar is a place of gathering point for the Slems and Courts community where you can have a enjoyable time hanging out with your friends and even making new ones.


Bar Opening Times:

Tuesday 8-11pm

Thursday 8-11pm

Friday 8-11pm 

(When there are socials the bar may open until 2am)


St Anselm Hall JCR 2020/ 2021


St Anselm Hall,

Kent Rd East, 

Victoria Park

M14 5BX


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