Meet the senior JCR committee for the 2021-2022 academic year. In September 2021 more JCR committee members will be elected for positions such as food rep and social secretary. More information on these positions and the JCR committee can be found here.
Esperanza Hughes-Salinsa
Origin: London, UK & Argentina
Degree: Biology with Year in Industry (Final year)

Hobbies: Travelling, gardening, hiking, going to gigs
Role: I organise and lead events, oversee the JCR committee, chair JCR meetings and represent the Hall on the Senior Student Council.
Anna Smith

Hobbies: photography, walking, cooking and cocktail making
Origin: Farnborough, Hampshire, UK
Degree: Neuroscience with Year in Industry (3rd year)
Role: I work alongside the President and other JCR members to organise and run events in hall
Julia Zieba

Hobbies: Painting, literature, film and learning languages
Origin: Mielec, Poland
Degree: German and Chinese (3rd year)
Role: I am responsible for managing the JCR budget. These funds are spent on hall events and socials
Avalon Roberts

Hobbies: reading, hiking, cooking
Origin: London, UK
Degree: Physics with Theoretical Physics (2nd year)
Role: I help with chapel services and events related to chapel life.