Rooms and layout

The hall has four 'wings': Dewar Manor, Summerfield and Schuster. Each wing (excluding Schuster) has three floors. There is also a lodge behind the main building for post graduate students.
Each floor has its own kitchen which you can open with your room key.
The mail boxes (used for letters and small parcels) can be located near the entrance to Slems and you will be given a key to access your mailbox. Large parcels are delivered to Dalton Ellis hall and can be picked up from the Dalton Ellis reception (about five minutes walk from Slems) during opening times.
The toilets and showers are located next to each other and can be found on the map below.
Thomas J. Rennie 2018 
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Pictures of the rooms

Dewar Wing

Manor and Summerfield Wing

The Lodge

The Lodge is a separate house originally built for the Warden and his family. Today, it is home to seven postgraduate students and is generally self contained. It has its own kitchen and bathroom, as well as a downstairs shower-room and toilet. There's also a small common room upstairs.
The Lodge is self-catered but students can opt into hall catering if they wish.