Social Events and Activities

St Anselm Hall has an extremely active JCR committee, which is the elected student rep team that creates all the events held in the Hall. As a result, lots of different events are run within the hall, from evening events held in the bar (socials) or day-time events like the Holi party or picnics. Take a look at the things below to get a taste of the fun activities we hold throughout the year! We also have a number of clubs in the hall.
Day Time Events
Day time events in Slems include:
  • Holi event
  • Tea parties
  • Barbecues
  • Yoga in the garden
  • Book and bake sales
  • Arts and crafts events
  • Clothes swaps
  • Trips to museums/galleries
Annual Events
Every year we hold special events. See below for some of them.
  • The Easter Ball (dress up for this night of good food, wine and dancing!)
  • Hallowe'en Dinner
  • Christmas Decorating, Dinner and Secret Santa
  • The Harry Potter Dinner
  • The Hall Play (written/adapted and directed by one of our own)
  • The Street Party (end of year party after exams are over!)
  • St Anselm Day Picnic
Evening Events
Evening events in Slems include:
  • Film Nights (with popcorn)
  • Bake-offs
  • Cookies and Condoms night
  • Comedy Nights
  • Art Night
  • Socials in the bar such as
    • Dance through the Decades
    • UV social
    • White t-shirt social
    • Christmas social with special cocktails!
    • Valentine's Day Blind Date
We have a number of clubs in Hall, some meetings held weekly and others every other week. You're also welcome to set up your own club!