Hall Facilities

Open JCR

This is the way in which we refer to our main common room, at the centre of the hall. People occasionally meet there to share a take-away, to assemble before formal dinner and to relax with a cup of tea or coffee after dinner whilst having a long and insightful debate. There are serval cosy chairs along with a large wooden table. In addition, there is a table tennis table with the racquets and balls in the foyer.


Closed JCR

A meeting room, just next to the Packard room, with a large table and more than a dozen chairs. In here, every Thursday the JCR will be holding meetings. After chapel on a wednesday, people often meet here for a glass of port before dinner.

Snooker Room

Located down a flight of stairs outside, behind the closed JCR, the snooker room is one of slems’ hidden gems. With a full-sized snooker table, chalk and two house cues you will find everything you need to play a game or two. To access it you will need to rent a key from Dalton Ellis.


Packard Room

A ‘hangout’ room just before the Closed JCR. If you wish to either watch a football or rugby game along with mate. The room has a flat screen TV and several sofas.



The Hall Gym is located outside the main building and right next to the Lodge. The gym includes plenty of useful equipment like a treadmill, stepper, vast range of dumbbells, punch bag and many more! Membership for the gym can be purchased for £65.


The Chapel

The chapel is located in the hall’s backyard and could be accessed with your room key. The room also have a range of musical instruments so you many either use it as a worshipping place or to practice your musical skills!


Squash Court

The Court is located outside the main building in the backyard. The rackets and squash balls can also be acquired from the hall.



The library is a common place, where you would either find students typing dissertations or cramming for an exam. Apart from a wide range of different books, you will find serval desktop computer. The library also includes a printer.


Bike Shed

Located outside we have a bike shed for you to safely store your bike.


St Anselm Hall JCR 2020/ 2021


St Anselm Hall,

Kent Rd East, 

Victoria Park

M14 5BX


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