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Hall Facilities

The hall has a variety of facilities that residents can use, see below to find out more about these facilities.


Open JCR

Closed JCR

This is the main common room, at the centre of the hall. People often meet there to assemble before communal dinner, and to relax with a cup of tea or coffee after dinner whilst having an insightful debate. There are several cosy chairs along with a large wooden table. In addition, there is a table tennis table with the racquets and balls in the foyer.


A study room with several large tables and more than a dozen chairs. Students often study in this room. The room is also used as a meeting room; Every Monday the JCR committee holds meetings here.


Snooker Room

The Jordaan Room

Located down a flight of stairs outside, under the Closed JCR, the Snooker Room is one of Slems’s hidden gems. With a full-sized snooker table, chalk and two house cues you will find everything you need to play a game or two. To access it you will need to borrow a key from the Sports Secretary.


A ‘hangout’ room fitted with a flat screen TV and several sofas. It's a great place to go and watch a football or rugby game, or have a film night.

The Jordaan room (previously the Packard room) is named after Slemsman Han Jordaan who was captured whilst working for the Secret Service during World War 2. Jordaan was subsequently killed at Mauthausen concentration camp.


The Gym

The Chapel

The Hall Gym is located outside the main building and next to the Lodge. The gym includes plenty of useful equipment like a treadmill, stepper, vast range of dumbbells, punch bag and many more! Membership for the gym can be purchased for £65.

Please note that the gym is currently closed due to health and safety issues.


The Chapel is located behind the main hall and can be accessed with your room key. It is used for services several times a week and also serves as a music room, with a range of musical instruments, including a piano and drum kit, available for student use.





 The Cellar Club Bar

The library is a communal quiet space, where students can work. In addition to a wide range of books, the library has several desktop computers and a printer. The Hall also has a Book Club that students can join.


The Cellar Club (also known as Slems bar) is located underneath the dining hall. The bar puts on a range of events each year including a Christmas party and a Halloween party. To find out more see here.


Bike Shed

Within the hall grounds we have a bike shed where you can store your bike.


Squash Court

The Court is located behind Summerfield Wing. The hall also has rackets and squash balls available to borrow


TV Room

In the basement, we have a TV room complete with PlayStation 4, controllers and HDMI cable for linking up your laptop to watch movies.


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