The Remembrance Project and The Fallen

Driven forwards by Revd Hugh Bearn and a collection of students, a historic research project was carried out that details the lives of 24 Anselmians who lost their lives during combat in WWI and WWII . Through this journey it has been discovered that one was in the GB Olympic team at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, another has a park named after him in Holland, another has a physics prize awarded in his memory and still yet another was the son of the Prof of Chemistry at The Victoria University of Manchester.​


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There is a section of the St Anselm Hall Archive site dedicated to the sacred memory of these men of St Anselm Hall who lost their lives as a consequence of military service in World War I and World War II.

The aim of the Remembrance project is to lay a wreath at the grave and memorial of all the men of St Anselm Hall who died as a consequence of their military service in WWI and WWII. Below is an interactive map with their grave's marked, as wreaths are laid this will be updated with photos.