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Opportunities for Students

St Anselm Hall provides a range of opportunities allowing students to fully engage with hall life and make friends with similar interests. These range from scholarships and skills events to sporting and music opportunities.



Each year, St Anselm Hall Alumni Association presents a range of scholarships and bursaries to residents heavily engaged in hall life. These awards include The Preston Scholarship, The Dyer Scholarship for Sports, The History Scholarship, The Godley Scholarship for music and several Choral Scholarships.

More information about the Alumni Association and Scholarships can be found here.

JCR Committee and Events

St Anselm Hall JCR committee runs and organises a range of events to suit everyone, including bake offs, Bob Ross art nights, parties in the bar and formal debates.


Every student in St Anselm Hall has the opportunity to run in the elections to become a member of the JCR committee. For more information about the JCR committee see here.




St Anselm Hall chapel features a music room that students can access with their room key. The chapel contains a piano and is a great place to practice musical instruments and singing. The Hall also has its own drum kit.


For students who are interested in supporting St Anselm Hall musically, a Music and several choral scholarships are available.

The bar holds various socials and events, and those who are interested in DJing can DJ for these events. The bar also puts on open-mic nights in which students can showcase their musical talent.

History and Archives

The hall has a unique history and an archive collection full of interesting material and photographs which requires a dedicated team of archivists to look after and catalogue the hall's archive material. In 2020, they produced the Hall Archive website to digitalise the archive material making it accessible to everyone.

Other recent projects include the Remembrance Project, which researched the 24 Anselmians who lost their lives in combat during WWI and WWII. This research is displayed on the website and is also published in the book 'The Fallen', available to buy.


Students who are interested in history or the Halls archive material can apply for the History scholarship and are welcome to join the archivist team.

The Cellar Club


The Cellar Club bar is a private members club, open only to students from St Anselm Hall and Canterbury Court (and their guests).


Students can volunteer to be on the bar team and it provides a great opportunity for students to learn or improve bar tending skills, helping them get part- or full-time hospitality jobs later on. There are also positions with more responsibility within the bar team including bar manager, treasurer and head cellarer, that you can apply for.

Students interested in DJing can also volunteer to DJ for some of socials held in the bar.


St Anselm Hall has many sports teams and holds many sporting events including football matches, rugby matches and table tennis tournaments.

Students have the opportunity to take part in these events as well as the student-alumni Sports Day which runs once a year in spring.


A Sports Secretary is also elected each year, and this student has the responsibility of running and organising sporting events and matches, as well as engaging people in sport.

Those keen on sports can also apply for the Sports Scholarship, funded by the Alumni Association.

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