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Christmas 2021

Christmas 2021 was filled with many events including the traditional Carol service and play as well as Secret Santa and a party in the bar. Scroll down to find out more and view pictures of these events.

Decorating the JCR

Christmas 2021 celebrations were kicked off by decorating the JCR in all the Christmas decorations residents made after attending a Christmas crafting afternoon

The annual hall play -
Romeo and Juliet

The Hall Play is a long held tradition in Slems.
During Christmas 2021 a modern take on Romeo and Juliet was performed and directed by residents of the hall.

The main director of the hall play this year was Irene Farinas and the play was performed in the Cellar Club bar

Xmas play 006.JPG

The annual hall play -
Romeo and Juliet

The play went down so well , it ended up being performed twice over two seperate nights.

Click the link below to watch the recording of the play on Youtube.

Xmas play 004.JPG
Xmas play 014.JPG
Xmas play 003.JPG
Xmas play 019 (1).JPG

The Christmas Carol Concert

Christmas 2021 saw the Carol Concert being carried out in the dining hall due to ongoing restoration works being carried out on the Chapel roof. 
Despite this, the turnout for the carol concert was excellent, everyone enjoyed singing along to traditional Christmas carols. The evening ended with festive refreshments including mince pies and port.


Christmas dinner and
Secret Santa 

On Tuesday the 7th of December, we held a festive formal dinner. The dining hall was well decorated for our festive three course meal and residents wore their most festive formal outfits.

After dinner, residents took part in a Secret Santa gift giving/ receiving in the open JCR
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